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Becky Thomas: Storytelling

Once Upon A Story - CD

Designed for public schools, libraries, festivals, churches and living rooms, "Once Upon A Story" is both a CD and an event.    With an eye in mind to support and empower men, women and children of all ages with tools for becoming all they can be, this is a "fantastic happening" that you won't want to miss!

Here is a rundown of the stories and how they can fit into current curriculum needs:


Becky Thomas - Music & Storytelling Events


Once Upon A Story - 20 to 75 minutes presentations for elementary schools, libraries and other family venues


Red Bird   -  for elementary school, In this musical adaptation of a Cherokee legend, the main character, Brown Bird, receives beautiful red feathers after rescuing a wolf.   Healthy self esteem, the futility of jealousy and the value of helping others are the main themes.  This story comes with props and could incorporate a craft for younger grades.

How Jesse Got The Moose - especially geared towards elementary and middle school students, it teaches the importance of how we think in relation to what we can achieve, overcoming fear and anxiety and incorporates First Nations traditions.

The Fish Song - for all ages, this musical and spoken word historical First Nations story, emphasizes the value of thankfulness and incorporates a contest and a prize.

Modred the Unafraid - for all ages, overcoming fear, learning to live wisely and learning to speak your truth are the main values, set in a contemporary context.

Falling From The Sky - for all ages with historical and traditional stories from Canada’s Sekani people from northern British Columbia, this emphasizes resourcefulness and the indigenous people’s strong faith in Creator, and love for the land during a difficult time of history.   A contest and a prize can be incorporated.

The Woman With The Coloured Stones -  for all ages.  A Cherokee woman is given a beautiful river but an evil enemy tries to thwart her success.  This touches on overcoming bullies, the power of spoken words as well as teaching a traditional song on self esteem and incorporating Cherokee culture.   A beading craft is recommended.

I Love You More -  for elementary students, a musical happening.  We learn how a young girl overcomes outside negative influences and verbal abuse and rises up to become a confident, self assured woman of value.

The Jar of Clay - for all ages   The Little Jar of Clay teaches us to not be ashamed of our scars, whether internally or externally, and teaches us to use what we have to make a difference in this world and the importance of recycling.   This story can include a group discussion.

One Family - for all ages    This song builds team spirit and tears down walls of racism while celebrating diversity.




Additional, complimentary material may be requested or used based on age and community needs.   Some of these include:


Additional School Materials

Warrior Teaching for Males - can be adapted for all age groups.  Using the story of “How Jesse Got The Moose” as a backdrop, this focuses on First Nations protocol around the playing of a drum (no alcohol, no drugs, no anger, and how to treat a woman), the role of a warrior (to protect, especially elders, women and children), and the importance of living a life of discipline and self respect.  Teaching can also address issues of bullying and domestic violence. 


The Sacredness of Woman - can be adapted to all ages but especially for ages 12 and up.   Through the story of the Woman With The Coloured Stones, further teachings based on traditional First Nations ethics can include  the beauty of womanhood as expressed thru nurture, setting healthy boundaries around your home and person, and understanding your importance in the welfare of our communities.


Turn Down The Heat - especially for teens, this comedic, dramatized story song told through the eyes of a mother teaches tends the value of respecting their hearts and bodies especially in regards to dating.   It acknowledges the deep feelings we experience when first falling in love and calls for wisdom in the choices we make.


The Friendship Dance - part of West Coast tradition, this is a closing dance to most of my sessions and is a fun way to build friendship and combat racism.  

Music To Purchase

I Delight In You

This is my debut single album, which was nominated for no less than four Covenant Awards from the Canadian Gospel Music Association in 2008. A gospel CD, the songs are mostly worship songs reflecting my roots as a Cherokee/Irish woman and the journey into understanding the Creator's heart for me and for my people.

Buy "I Delight In You" from CDBaby

Miracles of the North

My newest album put out by Story Song Productions (my personal recording label), this is an album of miracle stories from the cities of Mackenzie and Vancouver, BC and from the native reserve, Tsay Keh Dene.   

Buy "Miracles Of The North" from CDBaby

Sacred Ground

This gospel CD was put together by the multiple award winning producer, Kelly Parker from Turtle Island Music.  It has hints both my native and Appalachian roots and contains some of the hymns from my childhood as well as songs I wrote many years ago.   I hope you enjoy it!

Download this album here


music coaching

For those living in the Saskatoon,
SK area, Story Song offers music coaching in singing, piano, guitar, songwriting and performance.   Contact Becky at

custom songwriting

If you are interested in taking on a special heritage project, please feel free to contact us.